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West Nile Numbers Continue to Grow

2012 is the worst year on file for West Nile virus and the numbers continue to grow. In the last week alone, the reported number of people infected with the mosquito-borne virus has increased 35%. According to the Centers for Disease Control, experts expect that number to grow until the end of September.

There have been 2,636 cases of confirmed cases of West Nile this year.

But history says that we are over the peak. Dr. Lyle Petersen from the CDC says that “based on historical data, health officials are hopeful that the nation has ‘turned the corner’ on the epidemic for this season.” Source.

He did however caution that those states that continue to have unusually warm weather may continue to see the number rise until temperatures start to drop. Mosquitoes become less aggressive in cooler temperatures and usually die when it turns freezing.

While 80% of those people bitten by an infected mosquito will never display any symptoms, the cases that have been diagnosed this year have been serious. 118 people have died and 53% of patients have developed “serious illness, such as meningitis or encephalitis.”

It’s important to make sure that you are protecting yourself from West Nile with effective mosquito control. Mosquito Squad offers a barrier spray that will cut your yard’s mosquito popular by 85-90%. It last for three weeks upon which another spray is needed.

As school and student sports seasons have started across most of the country, it’s important that kids protect themselves if they are in an untreated area, especially at dusk and dawn when mosquitoes are known to be most active. A topical mosquito spray can be used to repel the mosquitoes in those cases.

If you have questions about how to protect you and your family against West Nile, please contact your local Mosquito Squad office.

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Does Municipal Mosquito Spraying Protect You?

2012 is shaping up to be the worst year ever for mosquito-borne diseases. More deaths in the U.S. this year have been attributed to West Nile than ever before and this week brings the first confirmed death by EEE in Massachusetts. With all of the confirmed cases of vector-borne diseases, more municipalities are taking action and spraying for mosquitoes, but does it work?

Dead mosquito - Mosquito Squad kills mosquitoes dead

Dead mosquito – Mosquito Squad kills mosquitoes dead

With 2 deaths and 30 confirmed cases of West Nile, Rankin County in Mississippi is ramping up their mosquito control efforts by having sprayers run double shifts in hopes to cut down on the number of mosquitoes. Additionally, larvacide is being added to standing water to stop mosquitoes from maturing. Many municipalities like Rankin are doing this all across the country.

In Massachusetts, a man recently died of EEE, a mosquito-borne disease even though his town is sprayed by the county. “The spraying reduces the number of mosquitoes, but it doesn’t kill all the mosquitoes and it doesn’t penetrate into heavily wooded areas where the spray trucks can’t get,” says Board of Health Director Paul McNulty.

So what does this mean for homeowners? Even though your county sprays the area generally it may not get all the areas where mosquitoes breed and harbor. More protection, whether it’s a mosquito spray that you spray on yourself or a barrier spray for your yard, may be needed. That’s where Mosquito Squad comes in.

Mosquito Squad applicators spray our effective mosquito control in all the areas that truck sprayers can’t, mainly in your backyard where you spend the majority of your time outdoors. We pay special attention to heavily wooded areas where mosquitoes hide. The spray kills the skeeters on contact and then provides a residual effect for up to 21 days, killing between 85 and 90% of the mosquitoes in your yard.

If you are interested in mosquito control for your yard, contact your local Mosquito Squad office.

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