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Tips to Ensure Protection from Mosquito Attacks

With the release of Bram Stoker’s Dracula in 1987, an enthrallment with vampires transpired. Bloodsuckers in real life, however, are quite another story. Besides the itchy bug bite received by mosquitoes, there are deadly diseases that have also been encountered, thanks to these vermin, causing millions of deaths around the world. Read the rest of this entry »


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Mosquito-borne Illnesses and the Importance of Mosquito Protection

Mosquito bites . . . the ultimate sign of summer. But while we’re all familiar with the itching, swelling, and discomfort they can cause, few people realize that mosquito bites can be far more dangerous than they appear. Mosquitoes are hosts to a number of serious diseases, some of which can be fatal. Before dismissing the importance of efficient mosquito protection for you and your family, you may want to consider what you are exposing your loved ones to. Read the rest of this entry »


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Expert Procedures to Control the Mosquito Menace

There will be bad weather; there will be traffic gridlocks; and there will be delays. The one thing that will still be the most annoying of them all, however, is a mosquito. Mosquitoes are the biggest adversaries of quality outdoor time. Their bite causes a terribly unpleasant itch and gets really annoying, but what’s even worse is the fact that these tiny insects are carriers of some of the worst diseases, like dengue, west nile virus and malaria.

These annoying little creatures found their way to all possible corners of the world by hitching rides on ships and aircrafts. They’ve adapted and evolved over time and grown resistant to a variety of insect repellants, making it exceedingly difficult to fight this scourge. Some uniquely targeted and innovative approaches are now required to get rid of these pests. What you need is some of the specialized solutions offered by Mosquito Squad and other dependable companies.

One of the most-dreaded diseases spread by mosquitoes, the West Nile Virus is notorious for having killed 286 Americans in 2012. This incident really rattled people in the Western hemisphere and prompted the search for groundbreaking solutions for mosquito protection. This virus directly affects the central nervous system, and when combined by the Lyme disease that is caused by ticks, becomes a truly daunting situation for those who like to spend time outdoors. In fact, as opposed to the increased risk in the evenings and night, many species of mosquitoes attack during the day. Dengue-carrying mosquitoes belong in this category. This means that you could be in trouble outdoors, even if it is broad daylight.

The need to fight this menace is urgent. There are several methods being used popularly, but most of them don’t work all too well. Mosquito-repellent creams applied directly to the skin work only for a few hours. Plus, they can be oily, inconvenient, and even harmful at times. The ultrasound devices that claim silent, safe, and odorless mosquito repulsion are rather sketchy.

What you should rely on, however, are some truly effective mosquito-control systems, such as those offered by companies like Mosquito Squad. Barrier spraying, misting and awareness education are some of these. Barrier sprays involving applying a mosquito control product to the vegetation where mosquitoes are known to harbor and feed. Misting involves short bursts of spray 3-4 times a day. This is done using a discreet nozzle system that is fairly easy to use at home.

Of all, one of the most helpful ways of keeping mosquitoes off your property is by understanding how they breed and propagate, and subsequently, not giving them the ideal conditions to breed in the first place. When you have the right mosquito-control experts by your side, you can keep these harmful and greatly annoying insects away from your property for good.


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Beating the Bloodsuckers with Reliable Mosquito Protection

It’s a well-known fact that mosquitoes can be bearers of deadly diseases. Mosquitoes don’t necessarily contract the ailments they carry, but their bloodsucking activities facilitate the propagation of the transmittable diseases from one victim to another. On top of transferring diseases, mosquitoes can also introduce parasites into the bloodstream of their hosts.

The importance of keeping out mosquitoes as a public health measure can’t be stressed enough. While not all mosquito species bear sickness and malady, it’s better to be safe than sorry. To that end, it is wise to invest in proper mosquito protection methods to stave off diseases like west nile, encephalitis, and dengue fever.

People resort to various ways to fight the mosquito menace, and one of the most basic methods is to reduce the amount of stagnant water around one’s home. Stagnant water sources can be found in a number of sites, such as pools, ponds, bird baths, gaping tree holes, and even leaky pipes. To deprive mosquitoes of their breeding sites, it is necessary to secure gutters, ponds, or any objects that can collect rainwater.

Another way to curb mosquito attacks is to bring in their natural predators. Dragonflies and frogs can hunt down mosquitoes and thin their numbers to a significant margin. You can also populate ponds with certain fish species such as catfish, goldfish, and betta fish to eliminate floating mosquito larvae.

The most effective way to block off and terminate these flying bloodsuckers is to install a thorough mosquito misting system available from companies such as Mosquito Squad. The idea is to mount a series of misting devices that disperse standard or all-natural mosquito repellent around a specific area at automatic intervals. With such a system in place, you can pretty much secure your entire property from frequent mosquito attacks and thereby sleep more soundly.

Due to their role as vectors for deadly diseases, mosquitoes have posed significant threats to humanity for thousands of years. Since mosquitoes threaten to attack when you least expect it, you may want to seriously consider solutions such as the abovementioned misting system to keep your entire household well-protected against mosquitoes. Count on companies like Mosquito Squad to provide such viable solutions.


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Recent discoveries provide proof that man has been battling against the bite for thousands of years


Yes, research now proves the stereotypical caveman was knowledgeable in mosquito control

When we think of things that come under the category of “pre-historic” our minds automatically gravitate towards fur loin cloths, wooden clubs and dinosaurs. However, did you know that mosquitoes have been around for over 170 million years and survived the ice age even when the dinosaurs did not? This proves that the pesky, blood sucking insects we continuously wage war upon were even a constant thorn in the sides of the cave men. Recent findings show that early man was even using primitive methods of plant-based  mosquito control remedies nearly 77,000 years ago to control their wrath.

Scientists have recently discovered evidence of bedding that was constructed from plant stems and leaves which contained a natural plant derived insecticide. This bedding would have served as much for mosquito control as for comfort at the time. The bedding was discovered in a rock shelter in Sibudu South Africa and is believed to be left by our early ancestors who slept in the shelter from 38,000 to 77,000 years ago.


This resilient creature survived the ice age

The use of these plants and leaves prove that the cavemen had knowledge of the specific insecticidal and medicinal uses of the plants within the world around them. Analysis of the bedding also concluded it was refurbished with the insecticidal plants and leaves on more than one occasion proving again, that the inhabitants of the Sibudu site were well aware of the properties and attributes of the plants and leaves they were choosing to “feather their beds” with at the time.  Researchers also learned from excavation of the sight that the cavemen burnt spent and used bedding in a way to possibly further mosquito control efforts within their living space and to maintain an insect free space for further occupation. This discovery is 50,000 years older than the most ancient preserved bedding we have found in the past.

Now, when you think of our earliest ancestors keep in mind the intelligence and ingenuity that may have kept them mosquito free amid a world of insect frenzy, without the conveniences we know and are accustomed to today. This is truly a miraculous discovery indeed. Our advanced technology in the world of mosquito control all lead back to early man and his battle against the bite, which research can prove has been going on for thousands of years.

No Mosquitoes

No Mosquitoes

When it comes time to enjoy those outdoor activities that we all look forward to over the winter months, contact Mosquito Squad to ensure you and your family stay mosquito free this season. Our methods are proven safe and highly effective in the ongoing battle we wage on the dreaded mosquito- and with Mosquito Squad you will come out the winner every time.

To locate the Mosquito Squad closest to your cave, visit our locations list available on our website.

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Mosquito breeding season maybe over, but West Nile Virus is still a reality for many states in the US

Dread Skeeter Mosquito Control

Dread Skeeter of Mosquito Squad

It is the time of year when most people think that mosquitoes are a distant memory of summer past. West Nile Virus as well as other mosquito-borne illnesses and diseases don’t rear their ugly heads until the latter part of the mosquito season. The duration of the mosquito season varies from  state to state, but typically mosquitoes are active from April until October. As 2011 draws closer to an end the CDC ( Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) released it’s findings for West Nile Virus for the present year-to-date  on November 29th, 2011.

The findings show that for 2011, there have been a total number of 658 reported cases of West Nile Virus in the United States so far. This number reflects both neuroinvasive as well as non-neuroinvasive cases reported. Out of the 658 reported cases of West Nile Virus, 452 of those cases were diagnosed as neuroinvasive.  Neuroinvasive West Nile Virus means that the disease affects the nervous system. This can include encephalitis which is inflammation of the brain and meningitis which is an inflammation of the membrane around the brain and the spinal cord. Meningitis can also lead to acute flaccid paralysis which is an inflammation of the spinal cord. Non-neuroinvasive cases reflect those patients that display less acute signs of West Nile Virus.  In many instances the true number of those affected by non-neuroinvasive aspects of the disease can differ greatly from the actual number of reported non-neuroinvasive cases because a great deal of those infected do not seek medical attention when the disease is mild. In some of the mildest cases the patient many times does not even know they are infected. All of these numbers reflect both mild and severe cases confirmed as well as probable human disease cases occurring between January 1st, to November 29th, 2011.

Photo of West Nile Virus under a microscope

Photo of West Nile Virus under a microscope

Some of the states that show the highest level of reported cases include California with 151 confirmed West Nile cases and 8 deaths as a result of the disease. Next in line are Arizona with 58 confirmed cases, Mississippi with 51, New York with 43 and Illinois and Michigan tie with 33 confirmed cases. Nationwide the total number of deaths attributed to the disease totals 40.  Only five states show non-human activity and those are Washington, Maine, Oklahoma, Oregon, and South Carolina.  There is only one state which has reported no West Nile Virus activity  either human or non-human for the year so far, and that is Maine.

This very important data  reminds us of the importance of reporting any symptoms of the disease early. The CDC’s  data also includes non-human infections and deaths reported by way of birds and other animals. If a high number of dead birds are reported in a specific geographical region it alerts the CDC and local health departments in that area to be on the alert for human cases that may present themselves.


The mosquito is responsible for this years current West Nile numbers

In all our efforts to prevent and control mosquitoes and mosquito-borne illness, including nationwide, statewide and down to our own backyards we all hope each year that the impact of West Nile is less. These finding remind us that before we know long mosquitoes will begin breeding again and now is the time to plan for the upcoming season. The winter months give us a great opportunity to inspect our own surroundings and devise a mosquito control plan for the upcoming season to keep our families safe from mosquito-borne diseases like West Nile. Take time to inspect your property for areas that are prone to hold water such as lawn and patio furniture, children’s play areas, bird baths, planters left from spring blooms and even gutters to ensure they are free of debris. Check any screened areas or windows for damage or tears and have them repaired before spring arrives. Getting your property in tip-top shape before the arrival of the mosquito season will start a good habit and help keep you safe and bite free. Hiring a professional mosquito control company to ensure you are on schedule prior to the invasion of mosquitoes in April is also a great way to keep mosquitoes and the diseases they harbor out of your property and out of your life.

Dead mosquito - Mosquito Squad kills mosquitoes dead

Dead mosquito - Mosquito Squad kills mosquitoes dead

Mosquito Squad has a safe and effective way to keep mosquitoes and the risk of mosquito-borne illness out of your property. Our mosquito programs will begin at the dawn of the 2012 mosquito season. We offer a worry free mosquito control program that entails Mosquito Squad’s barrier spray service scheduled at regular intervals to kill and prevent mosquitoes all season long. Contact Mosquito Squad to learn more. You can contact a Mosquito Squad location close to home by visiting our website at

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Reports show a malaria vaccine is currently in the works to wipe out this killer forever and offer hope to millions.

malaria_parasites and red blood cells

Malaria parasites and red blood cells

Malaria is a disease that most widely affects residents of sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. Approximately 1,500 cases of Malaria are diagnosed each year here in the US, most of which are among those who travel to these locations or those returning from countries where Malaria transmission occurs. In most cases those travelers return home unaware that they are harboring Malaria until the symptoms start to appear.

Malaria is spread through the bite of a mosquito that is carrying  the parasite Plasmodium falciparum which causes. Up until recently, efforts to develop a vaccine against Malaria have been fruitless due to the inability to prevent the parasite from entering the red blood cells. Findings recently published in Nature reveal that a single receptor that allows for the parasite to enter and infect the human body has now been identified. These findings could put an end to Malaria pills, insect repellents and bed nets for residents of Malaria ridden areas for good.

Zambia4.large insecticde treated bed nets arrive to much anticipation in Zambia

Insecticide treated bed nets arrive to much anticipation in Zambia to aid in the fight against Malaria

The vaccine singles out the receptor that is responsible for the Malaria parasites to invade the human body. The vaccine will change entire cultures and ways of life in areas where Malaria is responsible for millions of deaths. These areas include sub-Saharan Africa where in 2008 and estimated 83,000 people, most of which were young children, died from the disease.

Mosquito Squad is a proud supporter of Malaria no More which promotes expanded knowledge and prevention of the disease through education and access to tools needed to prevent, diagnose and treat malaria.  Mosquito Squad is also excited about the anticipated development of this malaria vaccine that is scheduled to be ready in approximately two years.

Dread Skeeter from Mosquito Squad helping Malaria No More

Dread Skeeter from Mosquito Squad helping Malaria No More

Contact Mosquito Squad to learn more about the Malaria No More program we support and to find out about safe and effective mosquito and tick control in your environment as well. To find a Mosquito Squad location close to home visit our locations list located on our website.

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