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More than just a Mosquito Control Company

Last week brought the majority of our Mosquito Squad owners all under one roof. The Outdoor Living Brands annual meeting took place in Charleston, South Carolina and included two and half days of meetings on everything from sales and marketing to technology and business management.

Mosquito Squad keeps you and your family mosquito free

Mosquito Squad keeps you and your family mosquito free.

The energy in the Mosquito Squad room was great and truly solidified that it is much more than a mosquito control company. The local owners are so passionate about what they do and want to be different than other companies out there. And they are different!

Customer service has always driven the Mosquito Squad system. Not only do we want to rid our clients’ yards of mosquitoes, but we want to do it promptly and professionally. Mosquito Squad owners from all over country shared how they go above and beyond the expected and make it exceptional. Our clients were the centerpiece of the meeting: “how can we improve their experience with our brand?” From peer panels and group discussions, it was all about our clients.

Another part of the annual meeting that stood out to me centered around our partnership with Malaria No More. Malaria No More, if you aren’t aware, is a GREAT organization whose goal is to end malaria deaths in Africa by 2015. When they started their mission, a child died in Africa from malaria every thirty seconds. Now, it has cut in half down to a minute, but there is still a ton of work to be done. At the annual meeting, our franchisees discussed how they can do more. They understand the importance of giving back, both locally and internationally.

When you are considering working with a professional mosquito control company, I hope you consider the wonderful owners I have the pleasure of working with everyday. They are passionate about providing their clients with outdoor living spaces they can truly enjoy.

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Mosquito Squad Mosquito Control Gears up for the 2012 Season

As some people search for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift to give their loved ones, or plan for the upcoming Presidents Day weekend, we at Mosquito Squad are gearing up for the Spring and the mosquitoes that come with it.

Our goal every season is to provide our clients with as much outdoor enjoyment without the annoyance of mosquitoes as we can. But that takes planning in advance. All of our Mosquito Squad franchisees use the winter months to get all parts of the business in order so they can provide the best mosquito control possible in the Spring. Trucks are services, equipment is inspected, and applicators are modeling?


Inspired by Mosquito Squad mosquito eliminator Dread Skeeter, Mosquito Squad franchisee Hugh Jones (Greensboro and Winston-Salem) bulks up for the season ahead.

Yup. In 2012, your local Mosquito Squad applicators may look a little different. This year, they will all be sporting the Mosquito Squad uniform of a green dry-fit shirt (as pictured to the right) and khaki pants. We feel it is important for our mosquito control applicators not only be comfortable, but look approachable to our clients and their neighbors.

As our franchisees organize and plan for the upcoming mosquito season, start asking yourself how you would use your outdoor living spaces if they were free of mosquitoes. Would you host more outdoor dinner parties? Are there games your kids would enjoy playing in the backyard? Signing up with Mosquito Squad’s season-long barrier spray now will mean that you don’t have to worry about annoying bites this Spring or Summer. We will let you know when we are coming to spray your yard and you get to sit back and enjoy.

If you are interested in learning more about our mosquito control options, please visit or contact your local Mosquito Squad franchise.

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