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Mosquitoes are Out, Protect You and Your Family from Bites

It’s officially mosquito season and they are out in droves. Many areas of the country had abnormally wet weather this winter and into the spring, making it the perfect condition for mosquitoes. I’m lucky enough to see some of the comments that prospective clients write on their service requests and recently it seems like everyone is getting attacked by mosquitoes! Here are just some of the comments:

Please come and spray by yard, my kids can’t go outside without bites

Mosquitoes are really bad this year, we need someone to come take a look at our yard.


Asian Tiger MosquitoOver the years I’ve heard and tried many “tricks” to mosquito control. You see, I’m one of those people who always get bitten by mosquitoes and continue to itch for days (my dad always tells me it is because I’m so sweet – thanks Dad!). No matter what I tried, I got mosquito bites. The only course of action for me was to be more proactive and get rid of the mosquitoes in my yard before they could get to me.

The key to getting rid of mosquitoes in your yard is to get rid of their breeding grounds: standing water. This is harder than it seems because mosquitoes will lay eggs in very small amounts of water. Did you know that 300 mosquito eggs can be laid in as little as a bottle cap of water? For me, I walked around my property and took note of all the places that could hold water and tossed it. Here are some things to take note of if you are evaluating your yard:

  • Kid’s toys
  • Dog dishes
  • Bird paths
  • Pots
  • Catch basins
  • Yard debris

Getting rid of standing water is a key part of mosquito control in your yard because mosquitoes do not venture far from where they hatched. So if they are hatching in your yard, they are there to bite you. Unfortunately getting rid of all the standing water on a property is much easier said than done. Inevitably, despite my best efforts, there is standing water on my property that mosquitoes can use to lay eggs. And since I’m so sensitive to mosquito bites, I became even more proactive and started to treat my yard with mosquito spray. By having my local Mosquito Squad (yes, I’m a client too!) team come out and treat my yard every three weeks, I keep the mosquitoes out of my yard and, more importantly, away from my skin!

As I read the service requests, I completely understand that frustration of being bitten by mosquitoes even when you think you’ve tried everything. Our Mosquito Squad owners take pride in providing relief from the dangers and annoyance of mosquitoes and ticks. And it’s really easy; you don’t even have to be home!

Dead mosquito - Mosquito Squad kills mosquitoes dead

Dead mosquito – Mosquito Squad kills mosquitoes dead

The average mosquito barrier spray takes between 15 and 30 minutes depending on the size of the property. Our trained technicians apply the treatment to the areas where mosquitoes feed and harbor. After 30 minutes for drying, you are welcome to come out and enjoy your yard once again. The spray will last up to 21 days before you need another treatment.

If you have questions on mosquito control and how the Mosquito Squad services work, please reach out to your local Squad. We’re here to help!

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The Best Ways to Soothe Mosquito Bites

We’ve all heard the theories of how to soothe those itchy, annoying mosquito bites once we have them. At Mosquito Squad, we believe that effective mosquito control is the best way to avoid mosquito bites, but what if you do get bitten? Here are some interesting ideas on how to stop the itching before those bites drive you crazy. (Note: I haven’t tried all of these so I’m not sure if they actually work).

Baking Soda – From cleaning to keeping your refrigerator fresh, the uses for baking soda around the home are endless. To soothe mosquito bites, make a thicker paste out of baking soda and water. Dab it onto the bite. You can also shake some baking soda onto the bite after a shower and rub it in.

Lemons – Rubbing a slice of lemon on a mosquito bite can stop the itching at the moment, and, because lemon is a disinfectant, it will help prevent you from getting any infections from the bite.

A lot of items around the home can help soothe mosquito bites, like vinegar, baking soda and lemons

Vinegar – A small amount of apple cider vinegar will ease irritation from a mosquito bite. Dip a cotton ball in the vinegar and hold to the bite mark. If you have a lot of mosquito bites, you can also add a few cups of vinegar to a bath and soak until the itching subsides.

Aloe – I’ve always used aloe as a way to heal sunburns, but they can also be used to soothe itching from insect bites. If you have an actual aloe plant, just cut off a piece off the leaf and squeeze the aloe gel right out of the plant. If you don’t have an aloe plant, it is sold as most pharmacies and grocery stores.

Mud – If you are outdoors, you may not have vinegar or lemons easily available, but if you have dirt and water, you’re good. Mud could be used to soothe those itchy bites by producing a cooling effect that temporarily relieves itching. You can put some mud on the bite and allow it to dry. Make sure to wash it off with water once it dries.

X – To be honest, I used to do this as a kid and never knew why, but I thought it worked. Press a letter X into the bite with your fingernail. Apparently this diffuses the protein that causes the itch for a little while.

Toothpaste – If you have peppermint toothpaste in your medicine cabinet, dab a little bit on your mosquito bites and let it dry.

While Mosquito Squad can help you avoid mosquito bites in your yard, you may get them in other outdoor areas. If anyone else has an idea on how to relieve mosquito bites, let us know.

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