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Mosquitoes Emerge in Warmer Weather, first case of West Nile in 2013

This past week has brought with it some warm weather on the east coast. I love spring and summer, the heat, the sunshine, being outdoors, it’s just an enjoyable time of year, except for one thing: mosquitoes.

When temperatures start to rise in the spring, mosquitoes begin to emerge and threaten to ruin our outdoor fun. For many parts of the United States, they’ve been active for several weeks now. Some of our Mosquito Squad locations are already out and about protecting yards from mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes need two things to reproduce: blood and standing water. Male mosquitoes do not bite, but instead only feed on plant proteins. Females, on the other hand, need the protein from blood to lay their eggs. They smell carbon dioxide and know they can find blood at the source. After a blood meal, the mosquito then needs standing water to lay its eggs, and it doesn’t need much. Up to 300 mosquito eggs can be laid in as much as a bottle cap full of water!

While the itch from bug bites is enough motivation to rid your yard of mosquitoes, they also carry and transmit dangerous diseases. Last year there was an increase in the numbers of confirmed West Nile cases in the US. The Centers of Disease Control reports a total of over 5,300 cases over 48 states. Symptoms can include fever, headaches, fatigue and joint pain. As a result, many states and municipalities are increasing their mosquito control efforts this year to help fight the spread of West Nile.

Despite enhanced efforts to fight the spread of West Nile and other vector-borne disease, Mississippi is reporting the first human case this year, a full two months before the first human case in 2012. Even with municipalities doing more to cut down the mosquito populations in public areas, homeowners should be protecting their properties from mosquitoes as well.

Dread Skeeter of Mosquito Squad

Dread Skeeter of Mosquito Squad

At Mosquito Squad, we offer our clients three residential mosquito control options:

  1. Our 21-day mosquito barrier spray program brings a trained applicator to your home once every three weeks. The spray is applied to the vegetation on your property where mosquitoes are known to feed and harbor.
  2. The barrier spray is also available in an all-natural version. As opposed to the standard barrier spray, the all-natural option should be applied to the property every two weeks.
  3. If you would like something more permanent, an installed mosquito control misting system may be a good option. The misting system emits small bursts of mosquito spray at times of the day when mosquitoes are most active.

As spring and summer begins, it’s important to make sure you can get the most out of your outdoor spaces. If you have a mosquito problem, reach out to your local Mosquito Squad office. Dread Skeeter and his squad are sure to help!

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Mild Winter Means More Mosquitoes

There is a week left in winter and many parts of the country are seeing abnormally warm temperatures. Nice, right? Well, good and bad is more like it. While many of us are enjoying the nice weather by spending more time outdoors, so are the mosquitoes. They are coming out, in droves.  The mild winter, while it was nice, will end up bringing out more mosquitoes this spring and summer.

Mosquitoes will be out in droves this year due to a mild winter

Mosquitoes breed in standing water. If there are sustained freezing temperatures in the winter months, a lot of mosquito eggs will die. Unfortunately, this past season didn’t provide many areas with the needed cold and resulted in a larger number of eggs reaching maturity. In short, that means more annoying bugs.

Randy Peck of Mosquito Squad, who provides mosquito control in Charlotte and its surrounding areas, was recently interviewed by the local media regarding this years’ mosquito population:

“With all the rainfall we’ve had, it’s keeping everything moist and it’s not really drying out. So if it stays like that in the spring, I would imagine that mosquitoes are going to be a little worse this year,” says Randy Peck of Mosquito Squad based in Matthews. Peck says the lack of deep freezes and plenty of moisture could make for a problem.” See complete article here.

In some parts of the country municipalities are starting to spray for mosquitoes much earlier than usual. One area of Houston scheduled their first spray 2 months earlier than they did in 2011. Two months!

To cut down on the number of mosquitoes around your home, it is important to get rid of standing water where mosquitoes breed. For us, it’s as simple as the 5Ts:

  • Tip – tip over objects in your yard that may hold water including dog dishes and kids’ toys.
  • Toss – remove excess grass and clipping from yards
  • Turn – turn over larger items like birdbaths and plant saucers so the mosquitoes can’t fully develop
  • Remove Tarps – If tarps aren’t pulled tightly, they can create small pools of water, and 300 mosquitoes can hatch in a space as small as a bottle cap.
  • Treat – treat the vegetation in your yard where mosquitoes and ticks harbor and feed.

Mosquito Squad provides a mosquito control barrier spray that will protect your yard for 21 days so you can enjoy the outdoors more. If you have questions on how we can help you, please contact your local Mosquito Squad.

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