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Vampires and Mosquitoes: the Commonality of Blood Suckers

It’s Halloween weekend, so how about a vampire post, eh?

Although they’ve been written about for hundreds of years, vampires have had a comeback in popularity with movies and shows like the Twilight Trilogy, the Vampire Diaries and True Blood. For us as Mosquito Squad, we aren’t big fans of vampires. We actually don’t like most blood suckers, primarily mosquitoes and ticks, but vampires are high on our list of enemies too.

The trusty garlic will keep mosquitoes and vampires away.

Using garlic to ward of vampires is a well-known strategy. Come on, who doesn’t know that light and garlic are two of the best ways to keep vampires at bay? In the famous 1897 Bram Stoker novel, Dracula, Van Helsing protected Lucy by placing garlic around her neck and within her room.  And in 1994, Norwegian researchers actually studied whether the theory had any validity. Who knew Norway had so many vampires?

At Mosquito Squad, we’re happy to protect families against vampires with one of our all-natural sprays. You see, one of our all natural mosquito sprays is garlic based. By applying the substance to your yard, you are guaranteed not to have any vampires (real vampires that is, not costumed vampires).

Vampires, mosquitoes and ticks have a lot in common. Not only do they all suck blood and annoy the heck out of people, but they also don’t like garlic. Our all-natural spray keeps mosquitoes and ticks out of yards just as it does with vampires. While our standard barrier spray has some repellent effect, our all natural spray is primarily a mosquito repellent. It kills adult mosquitoes and ticks on contact and then keeps them away for two weeks. They are confused and repelled by the garlic smell of the application.

Just in case you for some reason don’t like the smell of garlic, don’t worry, human noses aren’t sensitive enough to detect the smell (you may smell a mild scent for an hour as it dissipates).  Unfortunately, the all-natural  barrier spray isn’t as effective as it breaks down more easily, so we suggest people who want to keep mosquitoes, ticks and vampires out of their yard respray every 14 days.

If you are worried about vampires this Halloween or are just experiencing a number of mosquito bites, contact your local Mosquito Squad office.

For all of us at Mosquito Squad, have a happy, safe and vampire-free Halloween.

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Don’t let mosquitoes ruin the rest of your summer

Was your 4th of July celebration filled with the worst of the uninvited guests-mosquitoes?

Was your 4th of July celebration filled with the worst of the uninvited guests-mosquitoes?

How was your Independence day celebration? Did you and your family and friends get together for a little outdoor grilling, conversation and to show your patriotism for our nations birthday? I am sure like many folks all over this great land of ours you planned your celebration with relaxation, comfort and enjoyment in mind. But apparently the mosquitoes “thought” they were invited to the festivities as well!

Yikes, the mosquitoes came for the fun and invited all their friends and family as well. Maybe your celebration went a little like this… there were mosquitoes at the cookout, mosquitoes at dinner, mosquitoes while roasting marshmallows, mosquitoes during conversation and mosquitoes while we were trying to enjoy that decadent after dinner dessert or beverage. If this reads like a page from your diary, Mosquito Squad has the answer to all your mosquito woes.

Mosquito Squad keeps you and your family mosquito free

Mosquito Squad keeps you and your family mosquito free

On Independence day, and any other day during this season, many of us entertain outdoors and this is especially true during the dusk and evening hours.  Mosquitoes are evening feeders and like to feed under the veil of night and cooler temperatures. Mosquitoes usually feed during those same times that we enjoy entertaining so effective mosquito control is a necessity for anyone who enjoys entertaining  outdoors during the spring and summer.

Mosquito Squad makes mosquito control effortless with our barrier sprays. Our safe and effective barrier spray kills mosquitoes and prevents more mosquitoes from “celebrating” in your yard. Mosquito Squad sprays regularly scheduled sprays throughout the season to keep your property free of the little pests all summer long. Our barrier spray is applied approximately every 21 days for continuous mosquito control. We also have an all-natural solution which offers  effective continuous mosquito control and is applied approximately every 14 days. When I say Mosquito Squad is effortless, it truly is, all you do to get started is contact your local Mosquito Squad to sign up and that’s it- we do the rest. You won’t have to worry about scheduling the spraying, or keep track of anything, we take care of the rest. You probably won’t even give mosquitoes a second thought since you and your family won’t be getting bit.

Keep you and your family off the menu this season with Mosquito Squad

Keep you and your family off the menu this season with Mosquito Squad

The season is still young, don’t let mosquitoes ruin your outdoor fun this summer. After all, it’s summertime, remember, and the living is supposed to be easy…isn’t that how the song goes? Make it easy to keep mosquitoes away from your and your family with Mosquito Squad.

Contact Mosquito Squad today to find and more and to sign up for our barrier spraying. We offer season long tick protection as well. Call  877-667-7823   or email us at   and get removed from the mosquitoes menu.

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Do Blondes Really Have More Fun?


Dread Skeeter wants you to enjoy your season bite free!

We have all heard the old saying “Blondes have more fun”. Famous movie icon Marilyn Monroe even pushed the envelope further in her 1953 film “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”. When it comes to insects, such as mosquitoes, which color would you think they are more likely to strike upon, brunette or blonde?

In this scenario we use the terms blonde and brunette loosely to characterize dark colors versus light colors. The simple elements of design teach us that colors are formatted into dark and light by the way they either reflect or absorb light. We researched what the mosquito is attracted to most and we came up with some interesting facts.

Mosquitoes are actually drawn to dark colors such as deep greens, blacks, browns and similar colors. The reason for the attraction is it mimics the colors found in dark foliage and thus, they are attracted to dark foliage as a place of refuge. Mosquitoes are also attracted to bright lights, such as incandescent lights. This seems like a contradiction in terms compared with dark versus light, but when choosing lighting to deter mosquitoes studies show fluorescent is the best choice.

Dead mosquito - Mosquito Squad kills mosquitoes dead

Dead mosquito - Mosquito Squad kills mosquitoes dead

Certain scents draw a mosquito in for the kill as well. Overly fruity or floral fragrances are attractive to mosquitoes, as well as sweat. The carbon dioxide we exhale when we breathe is the main allure that draws mosquitoes to us. Certain foods we ingest are also prone to give off odors that the mosquito likes. Foods high in potassium such as bananas and strawberries affect our bodies by giving off lactic acid after we ingest these foods, and the mosquitoes love the smell of lactic acid.

Within your landscape you can deter mosquitoes by taking care of any standing water or any items that could collect standing water. Even small amounts of standing water could end up as a mosquitoes nursery for her new brood. Keeping your lawn mowed and tidy is a plus as well. Mosquitoes are drawn to unkempt lawns and property. Avoiding being outside during the feeding frenzy will help discourage unwanted bites. Mosquitoes generally feed from dusk until dawn. These common sense safeguards will help keep you safe and happy when entering untreated property and lawns.

No Mosquitoes

No Mosquitoes

Another formidable deterrent to avoid mosquitoes bites all together is to contact a licensed professional such as Mosquito Squad. We can apply a barrier spray every 14-21 days to kill and prevent mosquitoes from entering your property.We realize however, that while enjoying all your favorite activities you will enter untreated areas and have to deal with mosquitoes during this season. We recommend using the knowledge and awareness you gain about mosquitoes to keep you bite free.

So, to answer the age-old question “do blondes have more fun”, the answer is YES, and so do brunettes, redheads and so forth, especially when they have their property taken care of by Mosquito Squad. Call us to find out how to keep the mosquitoes out and the fun in this season.

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Mosquito Squad Introduces an All Natural Insect Repellant

Dread Skeeter Mosquito Control

Dread Skeeter Mosquito Control

Mosquito Squad has a new weapon against insect control in its arsenal, and the all natural ingredient is commonly used to delight our senses when used in food, and is said to ward off those imaginary vampires as well! That’s right, this all natural application consists of garlic.

Garlic ( allium sativum)

Allium sativum, commonly known as garlic is a member of the onion family. Garlic has been used throughout history for culinary and medical uses. Garlic’s roots can be traced all the way back to the construction of the  Giza pyramids, and garlic was even mentioned in the Bible. The use of garlic in come cultures carry heavy religious and spiritual perceptions. They are many benefits attributed to the use of garlic, especially in the field of medicine.

Garlic is also known to be a wonderfully effective insect repellent .The use of sprays such as the one that we now offer, literally repel and become confused by the smell of this solution. Fortunately, humans have a less sensitive nose than that of an insect and the mild odor our noses can detect dissipates within an hour or two after application.

Garlic and garlic cloves

This all natural garlic spray is ideal for those who are looking to avoid all synthetics and harmful chemicals. The new all-natural spray is ideal for parents with small children because there is no risk of contamination or illness associated like those sprays which contain harmful and harsh chemicals sold over the counter.

Since the spray is all natural and does not contain micro-encapsulation used in other sprays for time release it breaks down more quickly in the environment and needs to applied every 14 days . Our traditional solution is applied every 21 days. If you are interested in learning more about our new all-natural applications, or any of the other great services we offer, give Mosquito Squad a call to find out more about becoming insect free  this season. (877) 667-7823

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Grandma Lionni never has any mosquitoes in her open-air kitchen



You know how some people get attacked by mosquitoes and others don’t seem to be bothered at all? I am the former – I am a veritable mosquito magnet. I can’t walk to the car without getting at least one mosquito bite. Luckily I have Mosquito Squad at my home but keep bug spray in my car for every time I leave the yard.

“One in 10 people are highly attractive to mosquitoes,”

reports Jerry Butler, PhD, professor emeritus at the University of Florida.

If you research the internet to see why mosquitoes like some people better than others, you will find a few theories but no definitive answer. But most experts agree that a combination of several factors contribute to the human mosquito magnet phenomenon. One big factor that is confirmed scientifically is that mosquitoes are attracted to CO2 in the air. Humans emit CO2 and some humans emit more of this chemical than others. Therefore, mosquitoes are more easily attracted to humans with more CO2.

You may have heard of lots of different types of natural mosquito treatments. We use a garlic-based natural product. Garlic masks biting insects’ CO2 receptors. The garlic smell makes them unable to smell the CO2 which attracts them to their next blood meal – people like you and I.



Here’s how it works. Whereas with our traditional product where we spray your yard ever 3 weeks, with the all-natural garlic product, we spray your yard every two weeks. This spray kills the mosquitoes on contact and lingers for the next two weeks to repel the remaining and new mosquitoes.

So here’s the big question. How badly does it smell? We all love the smell of garlic at a great Italian restaurant or when we’re cooking at home but we don’t want to smell garlic every time we walk out the back door. Good news – you won’t. After the product is applied, the garlic odor lingers for only about 4 hours. After that, you will not detect the garlic smell. But the mosquitoes will. Mosquitoes sense of smell is magnified at 10,000 times stronger than humans so they continue to smell the garlic and stay away.

It’s environmentally safe, and it works. Give a call to one of our locations to talk about using the all-natural garlic product to protect your yard.

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