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With a lot of Rain Comes a lot of Mosquitoes

Many parts of the country have experienced a lot of rain this year. With rain, comes a lot of mosquitoes. I was recently talking to a member of our franchise support staff who travels all over the country visiting our Mosquito Squad locations and he was telling me about the huge mosquito populations from Georgia to Maine to Chicago. Even areas that are just experiencing small bursts of rain are seeing the increase in these pesky bugs.

Standing water is essential for mosquito reproduction. Female mosquitoes lay their eggs in standing water and in just a few short days (if the weather conditions are right), there can be 10s or 100s of new mosquitoes. When it rains, as you can imagine, small pools of water (many of which you wouldn’t notice) begin to form in different areas, creating the perfect spot for mosquitoes to breed.

At Mosquito Squad, we’ve had a growth in our client numbers due to the rain. It is so hard to combat mosquitoes and rid your yard of their presence when rain continues to come so professional mosquito control is much needed. In some cases, we have had to increase the number of sprays for the season to fight them effectively.

Mosquitoes are most active at dawn and dusk, but they can bite any time of day. In summers like this one where we have had a lot of rain, we encourage our clients to take extra preventative measures when venturing outside their mosquito control protected yard. Loose long sleeved shirts and pants are a good first step (less skin to bite), but also topical mosquito spray should be applied to areas of the skin that aren’t covered. When rain and mosquito numbers are high, we usually see an increase in the number of mosquito-borne illnesses, so mosquito prevention is very important.

On another note, we came across this video recently and had to share it. We all know what mosquito bites look like long after the mosquito is gone, but have you ever seen what it looks like when it’s happening? I don’t just mean the mosquito on your skin; I mean close up underneath the skin. It’s crazy! Scientists recently took this video of what it looks like under a microscope. You can see the mosquito’s labrum curving along under the skin until it finds the blood vessel and sucks. Take a look and see what you think!

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Are Mosquitoes Immune to Deet?

For years experts have recommended anyone spending time outdoors to apply deet to the skin to ward off mosquitoes. A new study, however, is finding that mosquitoes aren’t as repelled by deet as we thought.

There's a better and safer way!

There’s a better and safer way!

Deet was first created by US Military during World War II and in 1957 was introduced to American households. The oil is a main ingredient in most bug sprays and is said to protect against mosquito and tick bites when applied to the skin. The bugs are supposedly repelled by the smell and back away when introduced to it.

Deet, in some areas, is becoming less effective against mosquito bites. The London School of Hygiene and Tropical medicine decided to test the theory that mosquitoes become immune to deet. As Dr. James Logan from the school explains; “The more we can understand about how repellents work and how mosquitoes detect them, the better we can work out ways to get around the problem when they do become resistant to repellents.”

In the test, a (very nice) volunteer offered his/her arm to mosquitoes after it has been sprayed with deet. At first, the mosquitoes wouldn’t bite the arm (nor did they die). However, when they were given another chance just a few hours later, the deet didn’t stop them from biting. They smell of the product didn’t seem to bother them enough to stay away from the treated arm.

Dr. Logan explains that more research is needed to truly understand how the mosquitoes’ reaction can change so drastically in a short amount of time, but hopes that it will lead to better mosquito control options.

Deet is a strong chemical that when used incorrectly can be damaging. If you use the product, please refer to the EPA’s page on deet and how it should be applied.

I personally have never liked the smell of bug spray. Although I would put it on before hiking or walking in the woods, I always showered as soon as I could to get the stench off. At Mosquito Squad, we do not provide topical mosquito control or repellent, but instead protect against mosquitoes by treating vegetation. Our spray kills mosquitoes on contact and continues to protect for up to 21 days. We do suggest applying some kind of bug spray to the body when spending times in untreated areas, but it’s not needed in your Mosquito Squad protected yard.

While we can’t guarantee that you will never see a mosquito on your property, we do guarantee your satisfaction with our service. If you aren’t happy with the reduction in your mosquito population, Mosquito Squad is happy to come out and respray your property. Contact your local office to schedule your first application.

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Recent discoveries provide proof that man has been battling against the bite for thousands of years


Yes, research now proves the stereotypical caveman was knowledgeable in mosquito control

When we think of things that come under the category of “pre-historic” our minds automatically gravitate towards fur loin cloths, wooden clubs and dinosaurs. However, did you know that mosquitoes have been around for over 170 million years and survived the ice age even when the dinosaurs did not? This proves that the pesky, blood sucking insects we continuously wage war upon were even a constant thorn in the sides of the cave men. Recent findings show that early man was even using primitive methods of plant-based  mosquito control remedies nearly 77,000 years ago to control their wrath.

Scientists have recently discovered evidence of bedding that was constructed from plant stems and leaves which contained a natural plant derived insecticide. This bedding would have served as much for mosquito control as for comfort at the time. The bedding was discovered in a rock shelter in Sibudu South Africa and is believed to be left by our early ancestors who slept in the shelter from 38,000 to 77,000 years ago.


This resilient creature survived the ice age

The use of these plants and leaves prove that the cavemen had knowledge of the specific insecticidal and medicinal uses of the plants within the world around them. Analysis of the bedding also concluded it was refurbished with the insecticidal plants and leaves on more than one occasion proving again, that the inhabitants of the Sibudu site were well aware of the properties and attributes of the plants and leaves they were choosing to “feather their beds” with at the time.  Researchers also learned from excavation of the sight that the cavemen burnt spent and used bedding in a way to possibly further mosquito control efforts within their living space and to maintain an insect free space for further occupation. This discovery is 50,000 years older than the most ancient preserved bedding we have found in the past.

Now, when you think of our earliest ancestors keep in mind the intelligence and ingenuity that may have kept them mosquito free amid a world of insect frenzy, without the conveniences we know and are accustomed to today. This is truly a miraculous discovery indeed. Our advanced technology in the world of mosquito control all lead back to early man and his battle against the bite, which research can prove has been going on for thousands of years.

No Mosquitoes

No Mosquitoes

When it comes time to enjoy those outdoor activities that we all look forward to over the winter months, contact Mosquito Squad to ensure you and your family stay mosquito free this season. Our methods are proven safe and highly effective in the ongoing battle we wage on the dreaded mosquito- and with Mosquito Squad you will come out the winner every time.

To locate the Mosquito Squad closest to your cave, visit our locations list available on our website.

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Spray Your Yard Not Yourself This Season With Mosquito Squad

Dread Skeeter Mosquito Control

Dread Skeeter Mosquito Control

Hopefully, by now all of us are aware of the dangers that mosquito bites can cause. Not only do mosquito bites itch like mad and cause severe discomfort in our lives,the bite from that pesky mosquito can be carrying a disease or bacteria that can make us very ill and in some cases even prove fatal.

I am sure you want  to keep yourself and your family happy and healthy during the mosquito season, and free of mosquito bites. Here is the question I ask you…

Would you rather spray yourself ( meaning your body) every time you have to go outside OR spray your property to control those pesky mosquitoes?

I am sure most of you would answer the latter. Having to continuously apply topical insect repellent every time you venture outdoors can be time-consuming, irritating and if you live in an area of the country where mosquitoes are extremely bad, quite expensive. Not only do topical insect repellents such as DEET, pose health risks when used excessively, they are sticky, and most smell bad. Do you want to host a backyard graduation party for your son smelling like bug spray? Some chemicals in common topical insect repellents can even keep you from sleeping well at night and affect your mood.

Children enjoying a mosquito free backyard

Children enjoying a mosquito free backyard

Mosquito Squad has the right answer to keep you and your family healthy, happy and free of mosquitoes this season. We can apply a safe and highly effective barrier spray to your property this season. Not only will it keep those mosquitoes away it will prevent more mosquitoes from entering your treated property. We even offer an all natural mosquito barrier spray made with garlic. This natural garlic spray is a wonderful alternative to our already safe barrier spray, especially those of you who have small children and are going with a “greener” lifestyle.

If you are tired of constant trips to the store to purchase topical insect repellent and feeling sticky and icky this season, give us a call. Our licensed technicians can meet with you to discuss treating your property and giving you peace of mind to enjoy your summer.  So, go ahead and host that backyard graduation bash and enjoy the scents of the season minus the bug spray.  877-667-7823

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Dangers of DEET

As a follow up to the last post, I wanted to include another alarming report found on the common insect repellant, “DEET”. This is a spray that I’m sure most of us have used at some point in efforts to stay mosquito free while outdoors. As more tests are conducted on this product, the results and opinions are becoming worse and worse. This tells of actual fatalities related to using DEET:

“DEET, is a toxic chemical that can act as an irritant; and in some cases, it may cause skin reactions. DEET is a solvent, and will dissolve some plastics, rayon, spandex, other synthetic fabrics, leather, and painted or varnished surfaces including nail polish.

Dont take the chance

Dont take the chance

In the DEET Re-registration Eligibility Decision (RED), the EPA reported 46 cases of potential DEET-associated seizures, including 4 deaths. From the EPA: “there have been seizure incidents associated with DEET use. The Agency has concerns regarding these seizures, especially for children who are more susceptible to seizures in general and who receive a higher dose of DEET due to a greater surface area to body weight ratio. This concern is heightened due to the manner in which DEET is applied: directly to the skin.”

Be it ruining clothes, brain cells, or causing seizers, the more I research this product the more I am convinced that a less toxic, barrier spray is the better solution. Not only does it kill the mosquitoes and ticks instead of repelling them, but you do not have to worry about the effects of coming into direct contact with it either. And if you do, it’s actually less toxic than DEET anyway! So for an eco-friendly product and a safe solution to your families needs, look into Mosquito Squad!

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Mosquito Repellants are Not the Answer

Each day millions of people take to the outdoors to work, relax, or anything in between. And in most all parts of the world wait a variety of mosquito species eager to bite. A common solution to enjoying the outdoors without the nuisance of mosquitoes or ticks, are repellants containing DEET. This chemical confuses the insect so they are unable to “find” you. Products such as OFF design their repellants around this chemical. Check out this related article about why DEET might not be as great as we all think:

There's a safer and more effective solution!

There's a safer and more effective solution!








 “In various studies, the negative health effects of DEET have proven to be very alarming. When used as intended, topically, on a prolonged basis, brain cell death was found in rats in a study performed at Duke University. The resulting report suggested that the public should be cautioned about the risks and DEET insect repellents should be used sparingly for children.”

 “The insect repellent industry has always known that DEET has some downside. Of course, this information has never really been conveyed to consumers. The reason there has never been more of a commotion is the risk was considered worth taking compared to the risk associated with diseases carried by various insects. Simply put, DEET was the lesser of two evils.”

Well why take the lesser of two evils when you can opt for an effective and safe solution to your mosquito and tick problem. Look into the barrier spray treatments that Mosquito Squad offers. It sure beats running the risk of using other toxic treatments!

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Watch Fireworks and Fight the Bite!

With barrier sprays you're bite free for days!

With barrier sprays you're bite free for days!

The day is getting closer by the moment! I fired up my grill yesterday to make sure that everything is up and running. Now I’m trying to make the critical decision to cook up some steaks or go with my special cheeseburger recipe. Either way I know I won’t be the only one with outdoor plans or manning the grill come 4th of July. It is arguably the mother of all weekend barbeque cookouts. After all what’s better than hanging with friends and family, maybe having a couple drinks, and eating good food? All followed by the big firework finale at the end of the night! However I wanted to remind you, that to my knowledge, Mosquitoes also observe this beloved holiday. So you better believe they will be on the prowl, excited about the variety of people to pester.

With all the time and effort that goes into a great family/friend get together, don’t let these little buggers ruin your time. Check out a Mosquito Squad in your area to get a great deal on a “Special Event” spray. They can complete the spray now and you will be protected for the next 21 days, and ready to party only an hour later! Oh and don’t worry about the harmful chemicals… the product used is actually considerably less toxic that “DEET”, the chemical found in most all insect repellants that are applied to your skin!

So make this coming holiday memorable and bite free!

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