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Tips to Make Your Fourth of July Party Fabulous

At Mosquito Squad, we will take any excuse to spend time outdoors with friends and family and the Fourth of July is just one of them. If you are hosting a cookout next week to celebrate our country’s independence, here are some great tips to make sure you and your guests have a great time.

Make what you can before your guests arrive. No one wants to go to your party and spend no time with you, so think about what you can prepare before everyone arrives. Keep your hot items simple, like hot dogs and hamburgers so you don’t have to be away from your guests for long. Cut up their accompaniments (like tomatoes and onions) in advance and place in the refrigerator until you are ready to serve.

One of our favorite go-to dips you can make the night before and is sure to be a hit: the black bean and corn salsa. Mix together 1 can of black beans (drained and rinsed), 8-10 oz. of cooked corn, 1 chopped tomato, 1/3 c red onion, 1 chopped scallion, the juice from 1 ½ limes, 1 tbsp olive oil and two tbsp cilantro. Let it marinate for at least an hour. If you want, you can add some avocado to it right before you serve. Yummy!

Keeps the kids entertained. If your guest list includes kids, make sure there is something to keep them entertained. Whether it’s a game or craft, having something to keep the kids busy is always a good idea. If it’s a hot day out, consider having some kind of water fun to cool them down, like this cute sprinkler from Amazon.

Show off some red, white and blue. The Fourth of July is the best day to wear or display our country’s colors. Incorporate red, white and blue into the decorations for your party. From flowers to crafts, the possibilities are endless. If you want some small, easy, yet patriotic, centerpieces, here’s an idea: buy some colored sand (or candies) and place it mason jars or a vase for your table (layer red, white and blue sand) and then stick some small American flags in at the top. It will take you 5 minutes tops! If you want something a little more elaborate, check out this Uncle Same inspired centerpiece by Crafts Unleashed.

Dread Skeeter and the rest of the Mosquito Squad want to wish you a Happy Fourth of July!

Dread Skeeter and the rest of the Mosquito Squad want to wish you a Happy Fourth of July!

Keep your guests off the menu. No one wants to go to a barbecue and be eaten alive by mosquitoes. A lot of mosquitoes can ruin your party. Save your party and call your local Mosquito Squad. Our professional mosquito control will keep the bugs away from you, your food and your guests so you can enjoy your time outdoors.

From all of us at Mosquito Squad, have a Happy Fourth of July!

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Mosquito Squad Service Day Recap

April 26th was both Arbor Day and Mosquito Squad Service Day, a day in which our Mosquito Squad locations give back to their local communities. We were thrilled that several of our locations sent us pictures and details of what they did on this special day, and of course we wanted to share it with all of you! Here are some of the stories from across the country.

mosquito-control-chicagoMembers of the Mosquito Squad of Chicago team spent the day at the Hines Fisher House. Led by Dominic Caliendo, the volunteers planted trees and assisted the Fisher House team with their landscaping. The Fisher House Foundation provides low cost or free housing to veterans and military families receiving treatment at military medical centers.

Dan and Tammy Buchanan of Mosquito Squad of Southeast Minnesota dedicated their Service Day project to a local high school student that had passed away in a car accident. The snow crabapple tree was planted at Byron High School in memory of DJ Logan. As Dan explains: “Here, the company’s community day of service became DJ Logan’s memorial project. It took on a life of its own.” Please read this article to learn more about this wonderful project from Mosquito Squad of Southeast Minnesota.

Mosquito Squad of St. Charles and West Counties near St. Louis donated a tree for the Citizens Committee for the Environment. The Yellowwood tree was planted by a local Girl Scout Troup in the area.

st.louis-mosquito-controlCarson and Martha Baur of Mosquito Squad of Greater St. Louis did two projects for Service Day! For the first, they adopted a new tree in Forest Park in the heart of the city. In addition to adopting this maple tree, the Mosquito Squad of Greater St. Louis went to the Korean Memorial where they mulched and cleaned up around the Memorial. Doesn’t it look great?

mosquito-control-kalamazooKen and Julie Wuerfel of Mosquito Squad of Southwest Michigan planted a tree with a class of elementary school children. The class was able to choose the type of tree. A framed picture with the kids was given to both the school and the nursery that donated the tree.

To read about the Mosquito Squads of North and South Richmond’s project, read this blog that we posted on the actual day.

We are so proud of our Mosquito Squad locations and their dedication to their local communities. It’s nice to the be the local resource for tick and mosquito control, but we feel it is important to also be part of the community and our franchisees are.

Thank you to all of our volunteers who helped celebrate this great day of service. To learn more about Mosquito Squad and our service, visit our website or contact your local mosquito control provider!

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The five “T’s” in mosquito prevention

Dread Skeeter Mosquito Control

Dread Skeeter of Mosquito Squad

I was talking to Dread Skeeter the other day, Dread is our Mosquito Squad mascot and he was telling me how proud he was of Russ Jundt, team leader of Mosquito Squad of the Twin Cities in Minnesota. Russ was interviews by Fox @ 5 News on Memorial Day weekend and shared with viewers how they can better protect their families and pets from mosquitoes by practicing the very important 5 mosquito prevention “T’s”. You can watch the interview here to find out more.

The 5 mosquito prevention “T’s” are…

      • Tip
      • Top
      • Turn over
      • Tarps (remove)
      • Toss

Learn the 5 "T's" in mosquito prevention and tell those mosquitoes "bite me"

      It is simply amazing how much moisture and rainwater can collect in the smallest of things, giving pesky mosquitoes a chance to breed and grow in numbers quite quickly. Be sure that dog dishes, children’s toys and playthings, empty pots and planters ( including the drainage pan underneath), and even water bottles and small bottles caps are removed when not “in use” or turned over to keep water from collecting. Hundreds of eggs can be laid by a female mosquito in an area as small as a bottle cap.

To See Russ’ tips “in person” you can see him on YouTube at

No Mosquitoes

No Mosquitoes

Contact Mosquito Squad today to learn more helpful hints in mosquito and tick prevention and to schedule a barrier spray for your property to kill and prevent ticks and mosquitoes all season long and tell those mosquitoes “bite me”! 877-667-7823

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Spray Your Yard Not Yourself This Season With Mosquito Squad

Dread Skeeter Mosquito Control

Dread Skeeter Mosquito Control

Hopefully, by now all of us are aware of the dangers that mosquito bites can cause. Not only do mosquito bites itch like mad and cause severe discomfort in our lives,the bite from that pesky mosquito can be carrying a disease or bacteria that can make us very ill and in some cases even prove fatal.

I am sure you want  to keep yourself and your family happy and healthy during the mosquito season, and free of mosquito bites. Here is the question I ask you…

Would you rather spray yourself ( meaning your body) every time you have to go outside OR spray your property to control those pesky mosquitoes?

I am sure most of you would answer the latter. Having to continuously apply topical insect repellent every time you venture outdoors can be time-consuming, irritating and if you live in an area of the country where mosquitoes are extremely bad, quite expensive. Not only do topical insect repellents such as DEET, pose health risks when used excessively, they are sticky, and most smell bad. Do you want to host a backyard graduation party for your son smelling like bug spray? Some chemicals in common topical insect repellents can even keep you from sleeping well at night and affect your mood.

Children enjoying a mosquito free backyard

Children enjoying a mosquito free backyard

Mosquito Squad has the right answer to keep you and your family healthy, happy and free of mosquitoes this season. We can apply a safe and highly effective barrier spray to your property this season. Not only will it keep those mosquitoes away it will prevent more mosquitoes from entering your treated property. We even offer an all natural mosquito barrier spray made with garlic. This natural garlic spray is a wonderful alternative to our already safe barrier spray, especially those of you who have small children and are going with a “greener” lifestyle.

If you are tired of constant trips to the store to purchase topical insect repellent and feeling sticky and icky this season, give us a call. Our licensed technicians can meet with you to discuss treating your property and giving you peace of mind to enjoy your summer.  So, go ahead and host that backyard graduation bash and enjoy the scents of the season minus the bug spray.  877-667-7823

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Dread says hello to Spring

Hey there little boys and girls. I’m Dread Skeeter and I am excited about all the fun things that Spring brings. All the beautiful flowers are blooming and the bees are buzzing. The warm weather and beautiful skies are great for an afternoon playing at the park with your buddies, or maybe even flying a kite. Everywhere you look Spring brings us a new outdoor adventure. Who doesn’t like to have a cookout with hot dogs and hamburgers and a game of hide and seek?

No Mosquitoes

No Mosquitoes

Remember kids, the mosquitoes like the warm spring weather just as much as you do. Make sure your parents keep you safe and bite free this season by making sure you play it safe when it comes to mosquitoes. Make sure to wear the right kind of clothes for your outdoor fun and ask Mom and Dad give Mosquito Squad a call to help them keep you skeeter free this Spring..

Ask your Parents to go to and print off our cool Dread Skeeter coloring pages to color. Once you play it safe and you’re mosquito free you can do like Dread Skeeter and tell those mosquitoes….”bite me”.

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People Are Being Eaten Alive!

I’m sure all of you who read this blog have realized that everyone here at Mosquito Squad mosquito control really hates mosquitoes. They can ruin your time outdoors by constantly flying around you and leave you with itchy bites for days if they get their way. In the worst cases, they can transmit dangerous diseases like West Nile and Encephalitis through their bites too! We’ve been hearing from many potential customers lately who are regularly bitten by mosquitoes and are looking for help. Here are just a few of their comments:

My front and back yards are full of mosquitoes, my kids look like they have chicken pox! – VA Beach

Our kids play ball in our yard at night, but we are in need of serious mosquito relief – East Central Minnesota

The mosquitoes are so bad here that they don’t bother to bite you and leave; they attack in packs, pick you up and fly you back to their nest! We cannot enjoy our patio or garden because of the mosquitoes! – Eastern Shore, MD

I have been waiting for a service like this to come to our area for nearly 3 years now! We are desperately needing your service as we live on tidal water and are insanely attacked by mosquitoes! – Norfolk, VA

I have a mosquito problem in my backyard. I’m currently putting in a new deck and patio and would like to be able to enjoy it! – Charlotte, NC

There is no longer a reason to suffer through the summer if you have a Mosquito Squad in your area. We’re here to protect you against those annoying and dangerous mosquitoes. Just call us at 877 – MOSQUAD to find your nearest office and Fight the Bite!

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Trivia of the Day: Do Mosquitoes Have Teeth?

People know that mosquitoes suck your blood, and how annoying they are, but how much else do they know?

When Molly, from Mississippi, asked about mosquito teeth in a USA Today article I wasn’t too surprised.

The answer? They do have teeth. Four sets of them, in fact.

A mosquito uses its teeth, all of which function similarly to knives, to draw blood. Then it shoots saliva laced with anesthetic into the wound to prevent immediate noticing by the victim.

After sucking enough blood to nourish 100 eggs or more, it flies away, in search of new victims.

Fun fact: Only female mosquitoes draw blood.

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