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Reports show a malaria vaccine is currently in the works to wipe out this killer forever and offer hope to millions.

malaria_parasites and red blood cells

Malaria parasites and red blood cells

Malaria is a disease that most widely affects residents of sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. Approximately 1,500 cases of Malaria are diagnosed each year here in the US, most of which are among those who travel to these locations or those returning from countries where Malaria transmission occurs. In most cases those travelers return home unaware that they are harboring Malaria until the symptoms start to appear.

Malaria is spread through the bite of a mosquito that is carrying  the parasite Plasmodium falciparum which causes. Up until recently, efforts to develop a vaccine against Malaria have been fruitless due to the inability to prevent the parasite from entering the red blood cells. Findings recently published in Nature reveal that a single receptor that allows for the parasite to enter and infect the human body has now been identified. These findings could put an end to Malaria pills, insect repellents and bed nets for residents of Malaria ridden areas for good.

Zambia4.large insecticde treated bed nets arrive to much anticipation in Zambia

Insecticide treated bed nets arrive to much anticipation in Zambia to aid in the fight against Malaria

The vaccine singles out the receptor that is responsible for the Malaria parasites to invade the human body. The vaccine will change entire cultures and ways of life in areas where Malaria is responsible for millions of deaths. These areas include sub-Saharan Africa where in 2008 and estimated 83,000 people, most of which were young children, died from the disease.

Mosquito Squad is a proud supporter of Malaria no More which promotes expanded knowledge and prevention of the disease through education and access to tools needed to prevent, diagnose and treat malaria.  Mosquito Squad is also excited about the anticipated development of this malaria vaccine that is scheduled to be ready in approximately two years.

Dread Skeeter from Mosquito Squad helping Malaria No More

Dread Skeeter from Mosquito Squad helping Malaria No More

Contact Mosquito Squad to learn more about the Malaria No More program we support and to find out about safe and effective mosquito and tick control in your environment as well. To find a Mosquito Squad location close to home visit our locations list located on our website.

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Malaria Fighting Fungus Among Us

Mold infected mosquito

Mosquito infected with fungus

Most of us cringe when someone says the word “fungus” or “mold”. What we have been taught about fungus and mold is that in most cases, both are nasty substances that can cause illness and are generally just unpleasant substances. We are hardwired to do so because most of the things we have learned about fungus and mold have been negative.

We can now look at these substances in a different light. Scientists have discovered a fungus that kills malaria. It is a new potential weapon in the fight against malaria.

Metarhizium anisopliae is a parasitic fungus that is loaded with a chemical found in scorpion venom. This fungus infects a wide span of insects, including the mosquito which spreads malaria.

Metahizium Anisopliae is found in soils everywhere. The spores germinate when the mosquito makes contact and thus fungus invades the mosquito’s body, slowly killing it. Researchers have taken this naturally occurring fungus and genetically modified it. The reason for this modification is the timing of the fungus in relation to the incubation of malaria.


Dread Skeeter fights the Mosquito and Tick bites

Go ahead, try to bite me you little bugger. You'll be sorry...

The fungus and the malaria both have about a two-week period until fruition. The fungus takes about two weeks to finish off the mosquito and the malaria takes about two weeks to mature in the mosquito enabling it to infect a human. By genetically altering the fungus researchers can speed up the death process in the mosquitoes. This way a malaria infected mosquito will die before it can pass this sometimes fatal disease to humans.


The bites of malaria carrying mosquitoes are Dread Skeeter’s worst enemies. Dread says thanks Mold! Let’s work together to fight mosquitoes and bites. 877-677-7823

Call to have your yard sprayed throughout this spring and summer. Dread Skeeter and Mosquito Squad help YOU fight the bit.

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