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Abandoned Pools Pose Big Threat

Across the country over the last couple years, the once fun and relaxing neighborhood swimming pools are quickly turning into the breeding ground for mosquitoes and West Nile virus. As I read through some of the stories posted on-line, I was surprised to see some of the figures surrounding this idea.

 In California alone: “California officials estimate that there are tens of thousands of abandoned pools in the state”

 Another troubling sign to emphasize the failure to maintain pools is the overall drop in sales: “A pool builder in north Phoenix who estimated business was off 40 percent to 70 percent. Business is just as bad in Florida, where builders like Ben Evans, the chief executive at American Pools and Spas in Orlando, said he had let much of his staff go as orders for pools dropped to 150 this year, from about 1,000 the previous year.”

If I was a baby mosquito, that’s where I’d want to grow up!

If I was a baby mosquito, that’s where I’d want to grow up!

These abandoned pools have turned into a mosquito breeding paradise. As a result cases of West Nile Virus, even in densely populated cities, are rising at alarming rates. Actions are being taken to solve this problem by treating the pools, but with so many our there it is a tough battle that will take time.

 Mosquitoes travel up to one mile from their original breeding grounds. To protect your yard and your family from being at risk, as about a Mosquito Squad barrier spray for your home. Enjoy the outdoors without the worry or risk!

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Dangers of DEET

As a follow up to the last post, I wanted to include another alarming report found on the common insect repellant, “DEET”. This is a spray that I’m sure most of us have used at some point in efforts to stay mosquito free while outdoors. As more tests are conducted on this product, the results and opinions are becoming worse and worse. This tells of actual fatalities related to using DEET:

“DEET, is a toxic chemical that can act as an irritant; and in some cases, it may cause skin reactions. DEET is a solvent, and will dissolve some plastics, rayon, spandex, other synthetic fabrics, leather, and painted or varnished surfaces including nail polish.

Dont take the chance

Dont take the chance

In the DEET Re-registration Eligibility Decision (RED), the EPA reported 46 cases of potential DEET-associated seizures, including 4 deaths. From the EPA: “there have been seizure incidents associated with DEET use. The Agency has concerns regarding these seizures, especially for children who are more susceptible to seizures in general and who receive a higher dose of DEET due to a greater surface area to body weight ratio. This concern is heightened due to the manner in which DEET is applied: directly to the skin.”

Be it ruining clothes, brain cells, or causing seizers, the more I research this product the more I am convinced that a less toxic, barrier spray is the better solution. Not only does it kill the mosquitoes and ticks instead of repelling them, but you do not have to worry about the effects of coming into direct contact with it either. And if you do, it’s actually less toxic than DEET anyway! So for an eco-friendly product and a safe solution to your families needs, look into Mosquito Squad!

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Mosquito Repellants are Not the Answer

Each day millions of people take to the outdoors to work, relax, or anything in between. And in most all parts of the world wait a variety of mosquito species eager to bite. A common solution to enjoying the outdoors without the nuisance of mosquitoes or ticks, are repellants containing DEET. This chemical confuses the insect so they are unable to “find” you. Products such as OFF design their repellants around this chemical. Check out this related article about why DEET might not be as great as we all think:

There's a safer and more effective solution!

There's a safer and more effective solution!








 “In various studies, the negative health effects of DEET have proven to be very alarming. When used as intended, topically, on a prolonged basis, brain cell death was found in rats in a study performed at Duke University. The resulting report suggested that the public should be cautioned about the risks and DEET insect repellents should be used sparingly for children.”

 “The insect repellent industry has always known that DEET has some downside. Of course, this information has never really been conveyed to consumers. The reason there has never been more of a commotion is the risk was considered worth taking compared to the risk associated with diseases carried by various insects. Simply put, DEET was the lesser of two evils.”

Well why take the lesser of two evils when you can opt for an effective and safe solution to your mosquito and tick problem. Look into the barrier spray treatments that Mosquito Squad offers. It sure beats running the risk of using other toxic treatments!

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Mosquito Horror Stories!

I think we all have heard some crazy stories about people encountering mosquitoes, but check this one out about a romantic night gone wrong:


“When my husband and I were first married we stayed the weekend at my parent’s vacation home in Nevada. We decided it would be romantic to lie out on the grass after swimming and watch the stars.  When we finally went inside I realized my armpit felt funny. Somewhere along the lines of stargazing, some sort of creature had flown into my armpit and made lunch out of my who knows what.  It swelled to the size of a golf ball and I enjoyed a pleasant panic attack thinking it was some killer spider and that there wasn’t a hospital within an hour of us. I’m pretty sure I just cried myself into hysterics until I fell asleep.  I obviously didn’t die, but bug bites in your armpit? Stink.”


You might not know, but mosquitoes are attracted to perfumes and lotions which may have been the issue for this poor lady. However, if the property had been treated before hand I’m sure the night would have ended differently. Look into effective eco-friendly treatments to keep this from happening to you!

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Watch Fireworks and Fight the Bite!

With barrier sprays you're bite free for days!

With barrier sprays you're bite free for days!

The day is getting closer by the moment! I fired up my grill yesterday to make sure that everything is up and running. Now I’m trying to make the critical decision to cook up some steaks or go with my special cheeseburger recipe. Either way I know I won’t be the only one with outdoor plans or manning the grill come 4th of July. It is arguably the mother of all weekend barbeque cookouts. After all what’s better than hanging with friends and family, maybe having a couple drinks, and eating good food? All followed by the big firework finale at the end of the night! However I wanted to remind you, that to my knowledge, Mosquitoes also observe this beloved holiday. So you better believe they will be on the prowl, excited about the variety of people to pester.

With all the time and effort that goes into a great family/friend get together, don’t let these little buggers ruin your time. Check out a Mosquito Squad in your area to get a great deal on a “Special Event” spray. They can complete the spray now and you will be protected for the next 21 days, and ready to party only an hour later! Oh and don’t worry about the harmful chemicals… the product used is actually considerably less toxic that “DEET”, the chemical found in most all insect repellants that are applied to your skin!

So make this coming holiday memorable and bite free!

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Bug zappers vs. Barrier spray

Winner: A unanimous decision by the judges – Barrier spray!

Do you remember those UV bug zappers? You would sit outside and listen to the periodic zapping sound throughout the night and feel a little more relaxed knowing that the casualties were piling up. With each zap you might crack a slight smile thinking, “That’s one less pest to make its way to me!” Well to those of you who are using the zappers now, or to the others who recently invested in the $60 state-of-the art model, I hope you saved your receipt! It may surprise you to hear this fact I found while perusing the web:

“Each night zappers kill about 3,000 beneficial insects such as moths and butterflies, which pollinate flowers, but only a handful of mosquitoes. A Notre Dame University study in South Bend Indiana showed that people with a zapper in their backyard got bit 10% more than people without one because zappers attracted mosquitoes but did not kill them. UV light also helps mosquitoes find water where they lay their eggs. When UV light is reflected off the surface of water it is polarized. Like polarized sunglasses that reduce glare and help you see objects morbug zappere clearly, the mosquitoes follow the polarized light to the water to lay their eggs. Because they attract large bugs, they are purposefully designed to explode them so they don’t accumulate and become a fire hazard. Exploding bug-fragments drift on the air. People and food nearby may be contaminated by insect-fragments from the zapper.”

Don’t waste your time or money on products that don’t work. Go with a guaranteed solution to your mosquito problems with a Mosquito Squad barrier spray.
zapper pic

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No Land Is Safe!

Nobody in their right mind will tell you that they enjoy being pestered by mosquitoes. I cannot stand them, and personally the more I learn about this evil little bugger, the more I detest them! I plan to bring you interesting yet disturbing facts throughout the week to help grow your animosity for these pests as well.

This is why I am packing my bags and moving to the sub zero climates of Antarctica where I can live mosquito free… or better yet I will buy a chain saw this weekend and clear every tree and bit of brush within a mile radius of my home… this way I can eliminate the places mosquitoes live… although the neighbors might not be so happy with that idea either!

 Ok so maybe I am overreacting a bit.  I wish there was an easy affordable solution to my dilemma. Oh wait there is! An eco friendly barrier spray from Mosquito Squad would do the trick!

 There are few places across the globe that offers the luxury of living separate from mosquitoes. This is why a smarter alternative to joining me on my move to Eskimo territory, is a barrier spray which can save you the hassle and send the skeeters packing their bags instead.

NASA Mosquito Map

“This map shows mosquito habitat distribution for one of four common mosquito species in the US. The red/black areas are results of satellite data analysis showing where particular species of mosquitoes can be found. The yellow lines are the ‘published’ boundaries for where these species can be found. There is a strong correlation between the two. These images were created in support of a story describing how NASA is assisting the CDC and EPA in tracking the spread of West Nile Virus.”

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