Chalk one up for mama mouse and preventing Lyme disease

Mice nesting in auto air filter

Mice nesting in auto air filter

Recently I took my car in for an oil change. The technician told me I needed a new air filter and proceeded to show me the reason why. It seems that a mama mouse had decided to use my car’s air filter for her nursery this year, my filter was full of tissues and other bedding materials that she was using to “feather” her warm, fall nest deep within my cars inner workings. No wonder every time I needed a Kleenex lately the box was empty?

Naturally I had the technician change the filter, but the point of the story is that mice are building their nests now for a warm spot to have their babies, this includes the  white footed mice that are responsible for facilitating the cycle for Lyme disease. These mice will need, and will find, by one means or another a material to fill their winter nests. Why not provide the mice with nesting material ( so they will leave my tissues alone) and kill the Lyme carrying ticks that harbor on the mice and within their nests?

Does this sound too good to be true? Well, it’s not, and it is happening more often with the use of tick tubes. Tick tubes are small tubes that contain  an insecticide treated cotton to provide a way to kill ticks that harbor Lyme disease by using the mice as couriers. The insecticide is safe for humans and animals, but kills the ticks quickly and efficiently. The insecticide used to treat the cotton is a mild, plant-derived insecticide.  Tick Tubes have been proven to reduce the chances of coming into contact with a tick infected with Lyme disease by up to 90%. This innovative tick abatement product presents a win/win answer for us and the mice. The mice get help building their nests and we reduce our chances of coming into contact with this tick-borne illness on our property.


This image shows tick tubes placed in the tick's environment for optimum results.

Here is a breakdown on how it works. Mosquito Squad places these tubes at random throughout the areas on your property where mice frequent. The mouse find the tick tube, and along with being a happy mouse for finding great bedding for her winter’s nest, she carries the treated cotton within the tube back and starts building. The young deer tick feed on the mice, this is part of the evolution of Lyme disease. The treated cotton in the nest and around the mouse breaks the chain of disease before it can infect a human because once exposed to the insecticide treated cotton, the tick perishes.

Mosquito Squad stops ticks dead in their tracks

Mosquito Squad stops ticks dead in their tracks

Mosquito Squad uses these innovative tick tubes within their tick abatement program. Contact Mosquito Squad to learn more. Using tick tubes will keep the mice happy, and will give you peace of mind against tick-borne illnesses and disease. 804.353.6999 •

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